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QULID | Artist Spotlights

Kartik Sharma Residing from Rajasthan, India is a producer who goes by the stage name "QULID".  He started his journey of music by learning Guitar in his adolescence and by performing in concerts starting in his younger days, He eventually realized that electronic music hits his nerve hard. This curiosity paved his path towards learning and producing electronic music so after completing his schooling he just wanted to take a year into learning music production, so he started researching where can he learn from. He came across the famous dou "Lost Stories" and joined the Lost stories Academy and he is currently working on new music and collaborating with other artists 

"Clueless" is a blend of atmospheric electronic Lofi track which he likes to call 'Plush beats' for no reason the track has very chill and Spacey vibe to it. He has created a beautiful space with the ambient synths and uplifting vibes. Kartik wanted to create a track that people can kickback, relax and listen to. As Lofi is a genre that is getting integrated with passive listening, this song is a beautiful background score to your life. With the growing numbers of Lofi lovers this track has much to appeal to new audiences.

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