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Romance or tragedy? 'O Morey Saiyaan' by Bhuvi Bhadauria opens a debate

O Morey Saiyaan depicts the modern relationship. There's no responsibility in actions. The best-case scenario, it's a means to an end for both the parties involved; the worst-case scenario, it's a means to end for one and an illusion for the other.

It has been picturized on a couple, where a seemingly good relationship is abandoned due to practical choices. There's no right or wrong here, just choices. Could things have been dealt with, more gracefully? Probably! Nevertheless, it doesn't change what it is, raw, and painful. The song is a lamentation of the one left behind, as they refuse to let go inspite of all the logic and pain involved.

The lyrics were written in folk Hindi while using a trap beat as a skeleton. It's a fusion experiment. The trap beat was produced by the amazing beat producer from France, 'Sedk Beats'. After which, it was taken over by Namyoho Studios. The overall music was efficiently programmed by Rajat Kumar. Sandeep Jangra was the director of photography and Divyansh Bhatnagar took care of the stills. While the entire act was brought together by the talented Vaibhav Nimal, the editor. The video features Korean Taekwondo master Tae Joon Sung, as his debut work alongside the singer.

This track marks the first track, of the singer's third album 'Silhoem', which translates to 'Experiments'. The artist 'hopes to cover unique themes from the society and her experiences while blending them together with diverse genres and styles to HOPEFULLY produce palatable auditory treats', she explains humbly. She further talks about her life and struggles and how music helped her get past a lot of tough times, and how she decided to do music on a whim, She received great encouragement from her mentor, Manan Bhardwaj, the phenomenal music producer we've all heard of. 'A little bit of support, feels like a lot when it's offered at the right moment, I can only thank my stars for that.' she quotes.

As for her future endeavors, she says, "I want to write poetry and music for the rest of my life. Music for me is expression first, comprehension from my audience, second, and appreciation is a bonus, if I am lucky. For now, I am not trying to make a living via music, I am just trying to live through music."

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