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Roshan Bhat | Artist Spotlight

Roshan Bhat is a trained Hindustani Classical Vocalist from Mumbai who has been performing in the genre since a decade. He is influenced from various genres around the world and likes to fuse his classical training and knowledge of world music. He is known for his engaging performances as he captivates his audience with rich choice of songs and varied range in singing. He being a part of the scene for so long, has tonne of accomplishments such as playing at HardRockCafe, Airing on Radio Mirchi( Nashik ) and many more.

Roshan Bhat's latest single "Janey Kahaan" released on September 9,2020 is a song about how he as a traveler, a vagabond wants to be free and explore the world for the beauty it is. He loves living his dreams and this song is a perfect description of the kind of person he is. This song talks about not worrying too much about choosing the wrong directions but keep moving ahead in life. One might wander off the path but reaching destination is inevitable.

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