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Sidharth Bendi Takes Listeners on a Nostalgic Journey with his Latest Release '2006'

Sidharth Bendi is a name that resonates with music lovers across India, and his upcoming release "2006" is set to be one of his most soulful and personal works yet. As one of the most popular independent artists from Hyderabad, Bendi has already made his mark with 2 EPs and 4 singles, and "2006" promises to take his fans on a reflective journey through his childhood memories.

The song, which is set to release on March 24th, is an alternative track written and produced entirely by Bendi himself. With additional production from Vavae and Kasyap, and mixed and mastered by Sudan, the song is sure to be a masterpiece in both sound and emotion.

The accompanying music video, directed by Bendi himself, features stunning cinematography from Navjyoth Kumar and editing by 9th Ray Productions. The artwork, designed by Bendi himself and captured by Kumar, adds an additional layer of depth to the overall experience of the song.

The song's inspiration came from a personal reflection on Bendi's childhood and the emotions that surfaced upon watching an old video from 2006. As the pandemic was at its peak when he wrote the song, it's evident that the slower pace of life at the time had an impact on Bendi's thought process and added a sense of vulnerability to the lyrics.

Bendi's journey in the music industry is nothing short of remarkable. He is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter, music producer, and acoustic pop performer who has performed over a thousand shows since the beginning of his career. He was the youngest singer/songwriter in Hyderabad to put out a self-written EP, 'One In A Million, in 2017, and has since toured extensively across India, performing at festival stages such as Zomaland, Under 25, and TEDx.

Bendi has also produced music for other debutants and is an avid contributor to building opportunities for the creative community of Hyderabad. Apart from music, Bendi has a keen interest in photography, vlogging, video-making, creative direction, and personal brand-building.

Bendi's love for creating and building community has also led him to establish The Beautiful World Movement, a non-profit organization that raises funds through cultural events in Hyderabad, with a focus on sustainability awareness, nurturing underprivileged children's lives, and animal welfare.

With his new Creative Direction venture, 10:11/12 Productions, Bendi is all set to take his skills to the next level and create more exciting opportunities for artists in the city.

With his passion and creativity, Sidharth Bendi is truly a rising star in the Indian music scene, and "2006" is set to be a testament to his talent and artistry. So, mark your calendars for March 24th and get ready to experience a journey through Sidharth Bendi's childhood memories in "2006."

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