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Tannison Mathews | Artist Spotlight

Tannison Mathews is a songwriter based out of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Known in the local circuit as the drummer/songwriter for the city based band 'Bandishein', he started his independent project a year ago. His debut album 'Everybody Matters' is a collection of songs on social issues that received an overwhelming response. He strongly believes in the power of music to spread the message of love, peace and harmony. Hence a number of his songs are driven by a cause. His song 'Pinjraa' from the soon to be released movie 'Who Killed Gaurav' has also been widely loved by the masses.

About the song - Rationality

The song is a wake up call to the masses to not be swayed by hate speech and extremism. Tailor made for a time when social media has become a playground to spew hate. History has it that whenever civilizations flourish, corrupt forces scheme wicked plans to divide. More often than not, these mislead people to sow enmity against a set of people based on their caste, creed, gender, religion or even nationality. It's at that point that we need to reason things rationally. And we need to stand united, against all hate.  

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