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The 'Kid Wonder' Sam Rajput tells us about his second release 'Tere Naam'

20-Year-Old Singer Music Producer from Noida, Sam Rajput is a passionate artist who made waves with his debut track Tum featuring Nischint. The track was highly appreciated by everyone and built a name for him in the scene. He feels a deep and spiritual connection with his music and attaches emotions to each tone and melody.

Sam has been brought up listening to the stories of legendary ancient India, its rich history, and its culture. This is why he holds a deep connection and pride in his roots while trying to stay true to his culture.

Along with being a producer, he also runs a studio called Bharat Studios which is based in Noida. He is heavily inspired by Martin Garrix and KSHMR while trying to use his influence with his own style.

The artist who strongly believes that a visual representation of the music is crucial has a bigger incline towards Youtube as he gets to fulfill the complete experience. Sam recently released his latest track 'Tere Naam' on 11th February 2022 on all platforms.

Sam wrote the song 'Tere Naam' while revisiting his old memories with people close to him to express just how much he appreciates and loves them for their unconditional love and support.

While making the track, Sam lost all his data because his PC crashed and the only backup he had left was on his phone. He then decided to master the file he had on his phone with his team at Bharat Studios and got it ready for release.

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