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The Raag Hub speaks of looking for the best in life in his latest single 'Octaving Bounds'

The Raag Hub is a project by Raghav Soni to create music that expresses himself. He was born in Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh, brought up in Bhopal, and is now based in Mumbai. Although he started his musical journey rather late, he has come up with some amazing compositions. Raghav first picked up an electric guitar after attending the One Plus Music Festival where he saw Local Train perform live for the first time. The energy that he saw on stage, influenced him on the path of being a musician.

Raghav later got into a lot of 80's Rock and started learning the instrument during the lockdown. He always imagined joining a band where he would meet the perfect lineup for him, but when that took too long, one of his friends pushed him to start producing music by himself. After that push, he released his first song 'Apollo 7+4', and the reaction that he received helped him move forward. He then released a 9 track album which he holds very close to his heart.

"We suffer way more in our imagination than we do in reality” is something Raghav strongly believes in and that became the premise to his latest track. He released the track "Octaving Bounds" on 12th April 2022 and it speaks about looking at the bright side of things. Over the last two years, Raghav has faced difficulties that left him in depression. One fine day, he realized that he has everything he needs to live a happy life. He looked at everything he had and understood that he will only see the good parts of life if he stopped wallowing in the negatives.

The track was recorded on his laptop using a Focusrite Interface. The track was also mixed and mastered by Raghav using the same setup. Though it was all done at home, the track took around a year from being conceptualized to the finish.

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