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The tale of every artist: MellowOnTheBeat’s latest track ‘Haar’

A freelancer and rapper, Siddhant Nanda who goes by the moniker 'MellowOnTheBeat' believes that “It is better to burn out than fade away.” Born and raised in Delhi, he began his musical journey 7 years ago with the guitar and keyboard. He has written the rock school and Trinity exams till grade. The 24-year-old artist moved to Mumbai in 2020 to pursue music. Nanda worked at several studios like Crastot studio, Jam8 Studio, and Real Touch Studio before he started to rap.

Seedhe Maut, Talha Anjum, and Talhah Yunus include some of Nanda’s influences as an artist. As he listened to more of Drake and Seedhe Maut, his love for hip-hop increased which eventually led him to do a music production course at Beatfactory Academy in Delhi. He later went to Mumbai to get a diploma in sound engineering from the Audio Guys Institute.

‘Haar,’ his recent track talks about an artist’s fear of losing and the life that comes after it. Released on the 19th of December, it is the musician’s second hip-hop track and portrays the insecurities of an artist. It talks about the battle within, society and for money. “The fear of losing the art in the midst of losing yourself is what the song talks about,” says Siddhant Nanda.

The artist had made 4 different versions of ‘Haar’ until he finally settled on the current version after three weeks. When asked to talk about a fun story in the process, he said “The first version of the song was going to be a rock ballad and then it ended up being a hip-hop track.” The song’s artwork was made through an artist on Fiverr. It was recorded at Nanda’s friend’s place with a Neumann TLM 102.

We wish for many more successes to come along the artist’s way!

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