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  • Virendra Narain

Tushar Lall and Hansika give voice to the tragic story of Asifa Bano in their track titled 'Bano'

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

A name synonymous in the Indian classical music scene for breathtaking fusions and covers of western music is The Indian Jam Project which was founded by Tushar Lall. His aspirations were to make Indian Classical music more easily accessible to the listeners of today. This project started when he decided to cover the Game of Thrones theme. Although they didn't start with this name, the band got their name when Michael Price the composer of BBC's Sherlock Theme shared their cover as an 'Indian Jam' on Sherlock.

Tushar started his musical journey at the young age of 5 years old and over the years he's learned a variety of instruments. Despite the fact that no one in his family is a musician, they are all huge music fans and that lead him to be exposed to a lot of Indian and Western Classical music. His great grandfather was a multi-instrumentalist and Tushar has taken on his talent and has made a career out of it by mixing Indian and Western artifacts.

Tushar released his second single Bano on May 30, 2021. Bano was approached like a film score and it encapsulates the innocence of a child and the grief of a parent who lost them. This song is a depiction of the Asifa Bano case, a child of a nomadic community who was physically abused and killed by eight men. This sad tale was given a voice by Tushar in his composition as he takes the responsibility to bring such a forgotten case to light. The song sung by Hansika Pareek is from the perspective of the girl's mother and represents a slice of time from the day of the occurrence when she went out looking for her horses and never returned. "The track Bano reminds us of Asifa and her tragedy, but interestingly, Bano also means beloved and the artist chooses to remember her as the latter," says Tushar trying to lift our spirits while sharing a story that is easily shunned by the world.

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