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Tymur | Artist Spotlight

Tymur Oksneyuk was born in Ukraine and has been living in India since the last 18 years.

He has been a DJ since the age of 14 and has become a resident Dj at many clubs in Delhi since. His aim is to obtain a position in the industry with his knowledge and talent in which he can utilize his skills and learn from the people who have been there for longer as he works his way to his ultimate goal of producing his original music and releases. It is not only his music that stands in the foreground, but also the integration of strong words and images, Always different and mystical. against the current and diverse in terms of style.

Tymur released his latest single "Good Morning" on 18th September 2020. He says "When life’s at high tide, I am one with the waves, because it only takes an ocean breeze to put a mind at ease". His latest track “Good Morning” was born out of his vacation in Goa, which is one of the most beautiful spots in India and one of his favorite ones. He told us "The sand was soft, the breeze was crisp and the ocean was calling my name. So, I answered. With my equipment, I worked every day for 5 days capturing the sea’s natural elements with guitars and bass to really create a track as breathtaking as the water". Listening to this song, he is reminded that it’s going to be a “Good Morning” all day, every day because though life’s a beach, and says "you must do everything to enjoy the waves."

His production style is diverse and so is his experience with mixing music across genres. He has been creative with his talent in all genres to make sure to know what fits for the right occasions and setting. He has had a passion and obsession for music which has been his hunger since he went to KM Conservatory Music school where he learnt sequencing and programming which can been seen in his albums. He is a fresh flavor in the production scene of India.

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