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  • Virendra Narain

Vayavya's debut track 'At your own risk' will pull you under their symphonic chaos

Vayavya is a band that was founded by Pratap and after dealing with a lot of lineup changes came together as a four-piece band. The band comes with a lot of influences from famous Rock and Metal bands such as Metallica, Pantera, Guns N Roses, AC/DC, Dream Theater. They owe their progressive sound to the fact that everyone is open to experimentation. The lineup consists of Pratap on the electric guitar, Siddharth on vocals, Anthrix on bass, and Dhairya on drums. For their latest release 'At your own risk', they got in Aditiya who played the violin to elevate the sound scope of the track and he soon became a permanent member of the band.

The track 'At your own risk' was released on Sep 18, 2021, and took around a year to record. The riff of the song was written by Pratap during the Covid lockdown back in 2020 along with many other riffs to come in future projects. The lyrics of the track were written by Siddharth who took on the duty of the primary lyricist of the band with a lot of input from Pratap. Anthix being the multi-instrumentalist programmed the piano and additional layers of the track giving it depth. The song was recorded at Studio 604 and GAMA studios in Thane. The track was co-produced, mixed, and mastered by Kartik Nair from Studio 604.

The song features a music video that depicts what the song is about with the vocalist sitting to talk to his therapist in the first frame. The song is a seven-minute progressive track that speaks about the mental state of a disturbed person who would rather make music than deal with societal problems. The song has a strong symphonic sound with a powerful violin and guitar solo that encapsulates the state of chaos in the mind of the artists. The track is just the debut of the band and they will be releasing new music really soon.

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