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Waiting For A Rainbow: A Symbol of Hope and Love by Sanskar

Sanskar Vaidya, the lead vocalist and songwriter of the band Sanskar, has recently released a new single entitled "Waiting For A Rainbow". The track was launched on April 7, 2023, and has since received strong positive feedback from listeners. The band's lineup consists of Sanket Pahurkar on drums, Jeet on bass, Rameses on the keyboard, and Pritish on guitar.

Sanskar wrote the song during the lockdown period. One evening, he saw a rainbow in the sky and found it to be a symbol of hope and love. He was inspired to write a song that would encourage people to love themselves. "Waiting For A Rainbow" was born from this inspiration.

Sanskar has been interested in music since his childhood. His father, who was also into music and singing, encouraged him to perform on stage. Over the years, he has learned to play various instruments and studied Hindustani classical and Western singing. He only started songwriting relatively late, around five years ago.

The band's music genre is soft rock, but Sanskar likes to experiment with different sounds. He has another artist name, Loopwhole, through which he releases ambient music. "Waiting For A Rainbow" was recorded at The Audio Guys Institute, thanks to his friends Aman Julme and Harsh Karmakar, who recorded it as a project for their audio engineering course. The song was mostly recorded within eight hours, but it took a month to add the layers of synths and other elements. Hrishi contributed to the guitar solo and other guitar layers.

The album art is a photo that Sanskar took of a rainbow. He then edited it with his friend to make everything else black and white, except for the rainbow, to relate to the phrase "I'm a colorblind man".

Sanskar's musical influences are John Mayer, Porcupine Tree, Linkin Park, Coldplay, and Amit Trivedi, among others. His favorite instrument is the cello, although he does not know how to play it.

Sanskar's career highlights include his first time performing on stage, performing his original song at an open mic, and releasing his own music. He looks forward to collaborating with Indian and foreign artists, particularly Amit Trivedi, AR Rahman, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, John Mayer, Finneas, and Bruno Mars.

All in all, "Waiting For A Rainbow" is an inspiring track that promotes self-love and positivity. Sanskar Vaidya and his band, Sanskar, have delivered a masterpiece that is worth listening to. With his dedication and passion for music, Sanskar is set to become a prominent figure in the Indian music industry.

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