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Zeron | Artist Spotlight

Zeron’s Latest EP Brings Art To Tossing And Turning in Bed

Growing up isn’t particularly fun. After a long day or a difficult time, perhaps we might not even find solace in our bed which seemed like our only companion. In these tough times, we might chance across stray thoughts that make the times harder. Perhaps you question your own thoughts then, such as what tomorrow holds.

This idea coupled with the night’s silence and then the morning’s arrival is what Zeron’s latest EP, ‘Growing up’, is all about.

Based out of Sikkim and Bangalore, Zeron’s compositions come from experiences and moments. “It’s always nice to put it (the compositions) out there for the world, so that they can connect with whatever part they can relate to,” she says. “I am just an interpreter, rest is all music and art.”

Music for her started from an early age. Different from her current mellow indie vibe, she was also a part of a metal band and a folk fusilordon band. It’s been a year since she started as an independent artist and writing her own songs. Which brings us to the current EP.

“This track actually took me and my music producer almost 4-5 months to finish because of the COVID-19 situation and having to run around in the monsoon rain trying to get to the studio.” She adds, “A fun fact is that this track was releasing on my birthday. To me, having to release this track on the day that I grew a year older made the most sense and justice to the song.”

Zeron’s inspiration is the indie pop band The Mostar Diving Club. Their dreamy aesthetic backed by poetic vocals are seen in Growing up. We also see an emphatic and soulful voice behind the song. Which then makes her wish of collaborating with Taba Chake not exactly a surprise.

Zeron describes herself as ever-changing, and her musical journey certainly makes that clear. Until either her metamorphosis or her new norm gives us another wonderful EP, we can enjoy her new EP on Spotify and YouTube.

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