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Break the pattern with Eklavyas latest single "Circles"

We ever so often lose ourselves in the monotonous cycle of life, yearning for a change. We tend to become blasé about it and let life pass us by. However, this was not the case with Delhi Based musician Eklavya Kaushal who managed to break the pattern. Being born in a musically gifted family, he learned to play his first instrument the drums at the age of 12 and soon started releasing covers on youtube at the age of 14. He eventually released originals and put out two non-profit EPs on YouTube at the age of 18. Eklavya always knew he wanted to become a musician but his dream went astray when he started to pursue a degree in Hotel Management which took most of his time, leaving no space for music. After finishing his degree he decided to dedicate the same amount of time to music as much as he had given his education and started working on his music.

Eklavyas latest track "Circles" was released on May 21st, across all major platforms. The track "Circles" is his first single from his upcoming EP. The song is titled "Circles" as it represents a cycle of depression, a gloomy existence in which you feel trapped in a never-ending loop hoping for it to get better with each passing day but the cycle just repeats. As the lyrics suggest "getting a grip in this shape is the hardest." Hence Circles, the Alt RnB track has a chill vibe to it and still manages to calm us down with all the chaos, empowering us to break the circle and get out of the funk.

The track was recorded in 2 weeks, with production taking around 3-4 days. When asked about the production Eklavya tells us "I definitely wanted that chill R&B sound, with an electronic piano loop. The loop was very important so it compliments the circle theme. However, as the outro comes, there is a beat switch, and that's my favorite part of the song. Because the lyrics are "I can't stay, just let me go" and now the song isn't in the same loop, because you're trying to get out of that loop. And you do, because the melody and the beat changed. But it's still a loop. Not the same one, but it still is one. So the song and story end right back where you started, circles."

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