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Eklavya | Artist Spotlight

"Keep making art until you become art yourself" is the driving mantra for Delhi based singer/songwriter Eklavya Kaushal. He was 12 when he picked up his first instrument the drums and soon started putting out covers on YouTube when he was 14. He started moving his focus to making original content at the age of 18 and hes realeased a few singles since. Eklavya's full time musician dream would have seemed to have started rather recently, taking into consideration that both his parents are artists. His parents where artists but didn't do it professionally which was the reason for him being unsure of it as a full time career. He also decided to get a Hotel management degree and a Diploma in Event management as a back up plan incase music didnt work out for him.

It was around the time of his internship that he lost his mother and the stress of everything hit him 6 months after. Amidst all this pressure he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder as he was fighting the pressure of what he needs to be and soon realized that his true identity remained in being a musician that expresses himself. It was when he decided that given 3 years to hotel management, he needs to devote more time to music and is not most in focus to be a true expression of himself. He lays his career as an artist as a tribute to his mother and hopes to make her proud with his choices and to sing about mental health as his lyrics speak of his fight with BPD to let his expression come to aid to who experience the same.

When we asked Eklavya to tell us about his latest release, he said to us "For the next 3 minutes and 40 seconds you’re inside my head. And it’s not pretty. I suffer from a lot of things and this song is something that I wrote and made during a very dark phase of my life. It’s about that feeling where you want to disappear from this world, and you feel maybe dying is the way out, but then again, you don't want to die. So it’s about that constant struggle where you ‘kind of’ don’t know what to do and 'kind of' don't know what you want." We love his approach to the song in the terms of music and how hes used the audio space with his creative paning and creepy instrumetals and we are humbled by his experience and are glad that hes taken the artistic approach to deal with life and hope to see more of his expressions in the form of music.

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