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Dave Arrows's second single feat Siddharth Basrur "Buried to Dust" gives a take on life and beyond.

"I feel bad about the bad things and good about the good things but I wouldn't change a thing" - Dave Grohl. David Britto is a 26-year old musician based in Mumbai. He started a collaborative project called Arrows in 2018 where he invites vocalists to breathe life into his music. Previously, he played bass for a Bombay blue-rock band named The Tripp and toured the country's clubs as well as festivals like NH7 Weekender and Sula Fest. Being an avid rock/metal enthusiast, David takes inspiration from bands like Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Oasis as well as the Beatles.

Arrows released his second single 'Buried to Dust' featuring vocals by Siddharth Basrur on March 5, 2021. The song talks about holding onto the memories of a person who played a big role in your life but is no more. It can also be understood as someone who was very dear to you, but is no longer in your life because y'all fell apart. David tells us that the song is an amalgamation of an old lyric that he had written about his thoughts on life after death and a poem his friend Denver Cardoz wrote on similar lines. 'Buried to Dust' has the makings of an late 90's/early 00's alternative rock anthem with meaty strings and beats paired with stirring vocals. It would fit in perfectly at a local rock 'n' roll watering hole.

The music video, starring Kristofer Mendonca, has been shot in the gullies of Bandra and showcases the graffiti art that the area is covered with. It also includes a contemporary dance performance by Shivani Mistry and Kunaal Sangtani. 'Buried to Dust' is more heavy-rock oriented compared to Arrow's first single 'Spaces' which is more of pop/rock number. When David isn't composing music or performing, he plays a pivotal role at Rolling Stone India. Arrows says that his dream collaboration would be with Dave Grohl.

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