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  • Virendra Narain

Unveiling a Musical Fusion: 'Together' by Frntlfw, Akanksha Bhandari & Zachary Ray

In the ever-evolving world of music, some songs transcend boundaries, weaving a tapestry of melodies that captivate the soul. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to an upcoming independent track that promises to do just that - 'Together.' This musical gem is a harmonious collaboration between three talented artists: Frntlfw, Akanksha Bhandari, and Zachary Ray.

While each of these musicians has a stellar track record in producing remarkable independent music, 'Together' marks their very first venture into a collaborative creation. The excitement surrounding this unique project is palpable, and it's set to hit the airwaves on the 29th of September, 2023.

Diverse in its linguistic expression, 'Together' seamlessly marries English and Hindi, a testament to the inclusivity of music. It refuses to be pigeonholed into a single genre, embracing both the indie pop and experimental electronic realms.

The audio credits for 'Together' read like a who's who of musical talent. The song is brought to life through the enchanting voices of Zachary Ray and Akanksha Bhandari. The lyrics, a collaborative effort between Zachary Ray, Geet Sagar, and Akanksha Bhandari, promise to resonate with listeners on a profound level.

Production and composition are masterfully handled by Frntlfw, whose creative prowess shines through in every note. The meticulous mixing and mastering are the work of Hanosh Khan, ensuring a sound quality that is nothing short of exceptional.

Curious to experience this musical fusion for yourself? You can listen to 'Together' on various music platforms. But that's not all. Immerse yourself even further in the magic of 'Together' with its captivating lyrics.

As lovers of music, your support can make all the difference. Let's join hands and show our appreciation for 'Together' by Frntlfw, Akanksha Bhandari, and Zachary Ray. Together, we can make sure this musical gem finds its well-deserved place in the spotlight, perhaps even gracing the pages of Savaal Magazine.

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