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Kaki puts Indian classical and EDM together in 'Arabian Nights' with Audiotrackerz and Ssameer

From the city of Udaipur, commonly known as the City of Lakes, comes the emerging 18-year old singer-songwriter Hema Dangi, aka Kaki. She began learning Indian classical vocals back when she was 9, then moving on to the guitar and ukulele. Over the years, she continued to study music passionately at the Maharana Kumbha Kala Kendra in her city. Here, she would go on to win many national level singing competitions. In 2018, she joined an artists' platform named Talentsofworld, which unites artists from around the world. This is when she began writing original music, going on to release six singles in collaboration with artists from the UK, Canada and Persia.

On her latest release, Audiotrackerz is back to collaborate with Kaki in 'Arabian Nights,' a progessive house/dance track, featuring vocals by Ssameer as well. The first thing that you'll catch is the upbeat tempo of the track and how perfectly it would fit in to a Bollywood club night. Kaki and Ssameer's voices are quite complementary to each other and strike a great balance of melody and energy. Audiotrackerz is a budding EDM producer from Mauritius who previously worked with Kaki on her rap number 'The Ace.'

Kaki's Indian classical training takes centre stage around the 1:50 mark in this track, where she moves into sort of a vocal solo, exhibiting great vocal range and finesse. In all, the track is antiquated to the days we're living in and embodies the life of the party, with freely given love and acceptance as the main theme. Reminds me of the old concert vibes - Peace, Love, Unity, Respect (PLUR). Kaki tells us that she doesn't really look to one specific source for inspiration but lets it flow as is. She is open to working with artists form various genres as she is still in the experimenting phase and is looking for like minded people to create some new music with.

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