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Live a day in Wwoolfyy's life through his new EP 'Wolfs Lofi Tape Vol. 1'

In the past few years, Lo-Fi music has begun to take precedence in the electronic music scene with it helping many listeners calm their nerves from anxiety and everyday worries. It's the perfect background score for productive work as well as meditation. The real beauty in Lo-Fi is that though the music is so simple, it can invigorate a plethora of emotions. The new kid on the block today is Yash Mudras aka Wwoolfyy from Andheri. He initially started playing the guitar and then moved to music production.

Wwoolfyy released his new EP 'Wolfs Lofi Tape, Vol. 1' on February 9, 2021. The EP, which consists of 5 tracks, is mixture of his thoughts and emotions over the years. Even the names of the tracks are from everyday events in Wwoolfyy's life. My personal favorite from the EP is #5 'Reminds Me of You', a track which has a great uplifting vibe to it and is as bright as a sunny day in spring. Meanwhile, #2 'Not Sleeping Soon' is a mellow track which reminds me of a rainy day where you're just staring out the window with a hot chocolate on the windowsill.

Being an architecture student, Wwoolfyy initially struggled to balance his college life and music production. With time, he learnt how to manage his time better and started working on his music seriously. He tells us that he loves art in every from. In order to keep the creative juices flowing, he spends time in the day editing pictures and drawing. A good example is the album art for this EP, it's a simple but well-edited picture of the clouds and moon that goes so perfectly with the kind of music Wwoolfyy makes.

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