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Rock 'n Roll like you're listening to Gin City!

Get ready to be rocked with the latest album by Gin City – ‘All That There Is’. This Alt-Rock band based out of Bombay consists of 4 members; Swapnil Singh (Drums), Kaustubh Meher (Bass), Nikhil Sinha (Guitar), Shishir Singh (Vocals). Formed just 2 years ago, this is their first album. “Swapnil had been jamming with a guitarist named Nikhil, and he seemed like the perfect fit for this band. I knew Kaustubh from an audition a few years ago” Shishir told us.

All That There Is dropped on 22nd May, 2021 and consists of 7 tracks. The album has been engineered to deliver a very modern rock sound with influences of artists from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Every track has a different sound and flavor to it, which makes this album very entertaining. With influences like Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge, Blackstratblues and Pink Floyd, they manage to bring out different sounds of rock through this album. Most of the songwriting and composition on the album have been done by Shishir. Every track has its own story explained by Shishir “The album drives a steady dose of hard rock throughout. All the songs deal with a wide variety of emotions ranging from the drive to find your self-confidence as in Animal and the complexities of a relationship in Secret. The final track, Nevermore, is a befitting end to the album through its fast-paced punk rock style”.

The album began back in 2019 and was completed by October 2020.The band were looking for an appropriate time to release ever since and finally did it this year. The artwork for the album was conceptualized by Shishir Singh, shot by Mrunmai Bane, and edited by Sujit Chavan. The album was recorded at Shishir’s home studio apart from a few edits and parts that were recorded remotely and mixed later on.

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