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Savaal Playlist 12

Arunansh Bhatt -Tanha

Arunansh Bhatt a Mumbai based music composer/producer/songwriter from Lucknow. Although he belonged to a family of Classical musicians, he is mainly self trained in music and has his own approach to it. In Mumbai he started assisting music composer Alokananda Dasgupta and worked on the music scores of popular Netflix projects like AK vs AK, Sacred Games and Leila. Besides having composed the music for over 20 short films, 2 documentaries and various advertisements, he takes equal interest in releasing independent songs and their music videos on his Youtube channel, collaborating with various singers and musicians from across the country.

His world changed on December 2020 when he lost his grandmother. it was the first time he saw death up close and it changed his life. His perspective of the gift we call life had changed. The tune of this song came to him in a dream 2 months later and when he woke up he knew it was the blessing of his late grandmother. He immediately got into write and compose and put his idea into design in just 3 hours. The music came through him naturally as it did in the dream. This song depicts his attachment to his grandmother and how he misses her being around.

Gaurav Sarda - Naya Naya Sa Ishq

Gaurav Sarda began his journey in 2012 when he was still pursuing his MBA and hes been writing music since. He founded the band "Tarannum" and released 3 original singles and now is working on solo projects. Currently based in Mumbai he is working on 2 singles and his music reflects what he goes through and he believes most of us go through in different phases of our lives.

Naya Naya Sa Ishq' is a fusion pop, contemporary song in which Gaurav decided to go with a variety of instruments like the Ghatam, a few orchestra elements, guitars, electronic piano are a few to name. It is a beautiful song that takes us to the first time we fell in love, Its a song about how one feels when they find new love, the fresh honeymoon period of the beginning and all the cute antics it comes with. Its an adorable song that makes you want to spark that early love phase in your life.

Shlok Sachdeva - Kaisa Sila

Shlok Sachdeva started his musical journey at the age of 10 and began writing his own music at 11. He is a young artist who hails from Agra who works music that trigger an emotional experience. He has performed around at his college events and has released his debut single Kaisa Sila in October 2020.

Kaisa Sila is a song that carries a bunch of emotions all together that is love, anger, failure, pain. This song express Shloks emotional experiences through the years. He decided to make a sonic impression of his feelings of what he's been through and the track is a beautifully done and his voice that breeds emotion into his music.

Bluestackface - No Matter

Bluestackface hails from the suburbs of Mumbai. Bluestackface is a solo project of Guitarist/Vocalist Rohan Shirsolkar. He as a musician has always been gravitated towards the blues and has a modern approach to blues. He was also the founding member of Cruize69 his previous band before branching into his solo project. His approach to writing blues has evolved along his journey and when he picked up the project name Bluestackface it has grown into the blues rock and hard rock space.

He works with 2 more members to record the music where he calls in Jatin on the bass and Evan on the drums. The band was formed in the year 2019 and has released a single with a live video called 'You Left me First' in the year 2019 and a new music video titled 'No Matter' on 19th February 2021 from the debut EP titled 'Both Sides' which was released on the 26th of February 2021. ‘Both Sides’ is Bluestackface’s most initial work. The sound of the EP is inspired from Blues Rock, but some songs have grown into funkier directions and heavy rock. Lyrically, the songs are about different ideas like - trying hard, confusion and circumstances of standing up for something.

Sick Traps - Mantra

Jenish Shah and Yash Patel from Vadodara, started as music production duo when they were 18 and its been a year since they have been putting music out on all major streaming platforms. This duo is producing music while perusing their graduation and love learning more things be it education related or music related. Jenish Shah is most towards the composing the music while Yash takes over the Art, Videos and also helps with the composing.

Mantra is their latest track which is a trap instrumental that depicts Lord Mahadevs strengh and power. The aggressive use of synthesized versions of Indian Instruments and a progressive folk percussions making it an empowering beat. This song a pump of energy that ensures total Goosebumps.


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