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Prateeksha Srivastava - Khamakhaa

From Lucknow's vibrant streets to Mumbai's musical avenues, Prateeksha Srivastava's melodious journey is a symphony of talent and emotion. Emerging from Zee Saregamapa Little Champs 2009, she quickly soared as a top contender. Relocating to Mumbai in 2018, she's embraced solo artistry, collaborating with diverse talents.

Her single "Naino Ki To Baat" resonated widely, amassing a staggering 500 million plays. Prateeksha's versatility echoes in short films, ads, and web series like "Inspector Avinash" and "Firsts Season 1 and 3." Bollywood embraced her too, with contributions to films like "U-turn" and "Mumbaikar."

A Guinness World Records holder, Prateeksha's voice is an instrument of versatility, harmonizing with Javed Ali, Ash King, and more. Her singles, notably "Khayaal," continue to captivate millions on Spotify. Awards adorn her journey, including the IMA award for "Jiya Kanch Ka."

Collaborations with music giants like Benny Dayal and Universal Music showcase her prowess. Now, her latest creation, "Khamakhaa," unveils a poignant ballad delving into love's delicate nuances.

With over 5.5 lakh monthly listeners on Spotify and Wynk Music, Prateeksha's harmonies transcend borders, captivating hearts worldwide. Embrace her melodies; embark on a journey through emotions that only she can orchestrate.

Smrutika Padhy - Lemon Sugar Honey

Dive into a world where melodies wrap you in a warm embrace, like your favorite cozy sweater on a chilly day. Meet Smrutika, the 22-year-old musician whose artistry knows no bounds. She's not just a singer; she's your musical confidante, your partner in crime when the playlist shuffles to the perfect tune.

Crafting her sonic stories with the finesse of a gourmet chef, Smrutika doesn't just create music; she concocts emotions. Have you heard her debut single "Lemon Sugar Honey"? It's more than a song; it's a journey back to the giddy days of teenage love. With each note, she weaves a tapestry of infatuation, capturing that unspoken chemistry when lemony tanginess, sugary sweetness, and the warmth of honey blend into a symphony of feelings.

But Smrutika isn't a one-hit wonder. Her musical rendezvous with $arthak on "Tu humnava" has taken the airwaves by storm, amassing over 60k streams and even securing a spot on the illustrious "Rolling Stone India." It's like she has a musical Midas touch, turning every collaboration into auditory gold.

Her music isn't just a sound; it's a sensation. It's that intangible hug you've been craving, a comforting refuge in a world of chaos. So, plug in your earphones, close your eyes, and let Smrutika's melodies carry you away on a journey painted with lemony highs, sugary dreams, and the golden solace of honeyed notes. After all, who needs words like "maestro" when Smrutika's music speaks the language of your heart?

Nameless - Revolution

Meet Nameless, a dynamic Rock n' Roll duo igniting the music scene in India. Beyond the ordinary, they blend rock and heavy metal with a twist, crafting a unique sonic journey.

Born from a chance meeting between guitarist Amal Thomas and vocalist Sabbir in 2017, Nameless is a testament to their unyielding passion. From battling through early struggles to seizing the spotlight at the Battle of Bands in Bangalore, their journey has been a symphony of determination.

On January 4th, 2020, their music set a church ablaze with energy, an unforgettable moment of connection. Now, their debut single "Revolution" takes the stage, a bold anthem delving into self-discovery and breaking societal molds. Eschewing conventions, the track's free-flowing composition mirrors Nameless's spirit.

"Revolution" is a mere glimpse; a debut EP is on the horizon, promising more electric singles and the potential for an electrifying tour. Nameless aims to reshape India's rock scene, one riff at a time.

Ready to join the movement? Immerse yourself in Nameless's sonic rebellion. Listen to "Revolution" and witness the dawn of a new era.

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