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Savaal Playlist 13

JTN X Ayon Mukherji x Ansh - Something New

Jatin Bali Aka JTN from New Delhi likes to Dabble in Multi-Genre Electronic music. He developed a keen ear for music at a young age and soon learnt his true passion for music and has made a a sizeable splash with his recent releases. JTN has released various singles which landed in Radar India & Chill Station which are spotify’s editorial playlists.

He has performed in festivals, clubs, and campus shows all over the country which includes one of the most reputed music festivals of Asia, Sunburn Festival, Road To Ultra (India), and Grub Fest.

'Something New' is a gentle, seductive track that oozes swagger and mashes impeccable, buttery English vocal delivery with a heartfelt, emotional Hindi chorus like no other artist is doing today. The track is an international collaboration born out of 3 up-and-coming Indie Indian artists which currently made it to the ‘Chill Station’ spotify editorial playlist

SKIEEE - From the Bars

Ayan Hanifi AKA 'SKIEEE' from Indargarh started writing since he was 16 and has been close to music since his childhood. Listening to rock and metal in his teens but grew into hiphop music and that's where he found himself. He felt like he found a way to keep thinking as an artist and gets to express himself and wants people to feel their story through his lyrics and music.

F.T.B From The Bars is a piece that he wrote based on social issues and is his first official release after 3 years of practicing the art. This track is all about how we are dealing with our society , anxiety , our own thoughts and Fantasies. He talks about how we are all confined in behind these things, making the figurative bars to our life, hence stating the song name From the Bars.

Eyepatched - Shanti Mantra

Ashay Zemse a.k.a “Eyepatched” is a multi-genre Music Producer from Bhandup, a suburb in Mumbai, India. With his original love for Rock and metal bands his focus shifted when he heard ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ by Skrillex and he got addicted to Dubstep and several Bass heavy genres. He discovered Fl studio and got into production at 17 and released his first remix of ‘Let me love you’ by Ariana Grande.

His latest release is a Psytrace track called 'Shanti Mantra' is a high BPM [175] psychedelic Trance version of Sanskrit prayer for lord Shiva for peace of mind. Its a dark psy track that is influenced by Djs like Technical Hitch and Mandragora. He has blended in some Indian instruments into the track giving it a folk psy experiece. Hes recently started Djing to music like Hi-Tech, DnB and Riddim Dubstep and looks forward to producing these genres in the future.

CrystalFreak - Blastic Dimensions

"A rookie by appearance yet professional by mind." CrystalFreak from Pune is the psytrance producer who takes you on a crystal clear trip and make you feel like

a freak. He started production since 2017 and has learned everything from mixing to tuning and full scale production. He is usually found using his Pioneer DJM-900XS console or the Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS. Crystal leads, bombastic bass lines and rigorous

soundscapes makes him a perfect producer to adapt and blend with his current


His latest release 'Blastic Dimensions' is a journey through dimensions in the psychedelic space. Its a trip through a dark forest trance experience with a strong bass and kick pattern produced crisply that takes you into many dimensions of feelings, expressions and reality.


Hritik Jadhav aka HMJ is a rapper from Khar west 52, Mumbai and he started rapping in 2015. Before getting into Rap music he was a part of a dance crew and was inspired by Indian Rappers and old school hip hop artists. As of today he has released 11 tracks under his Youtube Channel 'Street 52' representing his pin code. He has released music rapping about various topics and works with Blas_note who does the production for him.

Suvichar is HMJs latest release features Piggy54 who started rapping in 2018 and releases music on Youtube. This track is a message to our society that speaks against corruption and inspires a change in the general thinking of the society.

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