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Savaal Playlist 16

Reshabh Chhabra - Tu Hai Toh

Reshabh Chhabra from New Delhi shows yet another side of his expressionism. He started his journey as an artist in 2016 and has been consistently releasing music for his fans and friends alike. This time, the genre-free artist is singing about love in his latest track. He has worked on various projects before this and has had an extremely successful career so far. He holds no barriers when it comes to language, where he writes and composes music in Hindi, English, and even Punjabi.

His latest release 'Tu Hai Toh' encapsulates the feeling of loving someone wholeheartedly. The song and the music video are focused on spreading smiles as he always does. This jolly singer told us "What’s more precious than seeing your loved one smile because of you? Tu Hai Toh is all about spreading love and smiles all across." The music video is an adorable expression of how love can make people smile and his song and the music video compliment each other like peanut butter and jelly.

Michael Timothy - Bye Bye

Chennai-based Michael Timothy is a songwriter, producer, and bassist. He started off as a Pianist and later switched to bass and finally found his love for music production. He has recorded tracks with STEVIE, Nitika Kurian, Sidharth Nair, AIRA to name a few, and performed with many more. He released his debut track in 2018 and has been experimenting with genres ever since. Michael is signed with New York-based Bentley Records and has released over ten singles with them. He has aspirations to host Audio-Visual shows after the pandemic.

Michael's eleventh track 'Bye Bye' was released on May 21, 2021 and features NAMI on vocals. He wrote the song with Lauren after discussing their past relationships and how it impacted them. The now bass-heavy song began as an RnB track but they didn't feel the emotions come through. Michael later turned it into an electronic Slap house track after being inspired by Imanbek and ALOK. Michael and NAMI were in the studio recording their remake of Ocean's 'Ivy' when they decided to record 'Bye Bye' as well.


SMX, a duo from Mumbai that consists of Aryan and Tom. Heavily inspired by Mumbai's nightlife they create music perfect for situations like a late-night drive across the city.

The duo started making music as recent as last year, during the initial lockdown, and started releasing it from December onwards. They have already been featured on various editorial playlists across all major DSPs and also gotten radio plays from Radio City Freedom.

Their latest release 'Resent' was a track that Mumbai-based producer and rapper ALI Sultan came up with and when SMX heard the demo at 2AM on a random Wednesday they started writing their verses for the track. They connected to the idea immediately and started envisioning what they wanted the track to end up like and the collaboration struck gold. RESENT starts with ALI saying “kabhi kabhi lage i’m not me”, which is the main idea of the song. The song speaks about how we all don’t really feel like ourselves sometimes and how, even just for a moment, we try to escape that feeling.

Cryptic - Gunah

Cryptic is a Delhi-based duo comprised of Karttikeya Pathak and Siddhant Uppal.

A passion project that started between two teenagers who produced electronic music together in high school now is their stage act that creates music that has no genre specifications. These young talents love getting their hands on any genre as long as they feel it and can express themselves. They have collaborated with various artists including wily frenzy, addy berry, and have also won Nucleya's official remix competition for the track 'laung gawacha'.

Gunah is their first hip-hop/electronic EP. It is a conceptual EP and with each track, the premise progresses. Even though as a whole it is woven into a concept, each track is open to interpretation and the lyrics are for the listener to explore. All the tracks for the EP were written where the artist sat with no intent to write an EP but ended up with the ideas. This subconscious attempt ended up becoming something that the duo saw the potential within and they produced the EP in 5 months in their home studio.

Yash Singh - Saaya Tera

Yash Singh from Bhopal is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He is 20 yrs old and he began writing lyrics in 2018. He started recording his music last year admits lockdown

He likes to compose music in all genres, but R&B and Pop are his favorites. He just started his career and is on a path to release a variety of songs in the upcoming months. 'Saaya Tera' is his debut single and it's a lofi romantic song written and composed by him. The song has catchy lyrics and inspired by his personal experiences and his love life. The track has him singing over a guitar progression that he wrote himself.

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