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Savaal Playlist 6

Palak Mohan - Sick Of This

Palak Mohan is a 22 year old Singer/Songwriter based in Mumbai, India. She started of as a musician when she was 16, learning Hindustani Classical Music and picking up the Guitar and Piano on the way. Inspired equally by Country music and R&B soul as well as by pop and Hindustani Classical, her journey since she started writing first has transformed beautifully and leading to her first ever original. 'Sick Of This' is a song that discusses society's deeper issues of Child Assault. The lyrics of the song are pretty vulnerable and direct. She wanted to create a piece of art which holds a purpose and this one has the power to create awareness regarding silenced wrong mishaps. If you would listen to the song, you would relate to the sick feeling we feel as humans, with those alarming bells and mystical production.

Maddof - One Time ( House )

Udai Sharma is a 21 year old producer and audio engineer from Mumbai. He mainly produces HouseHe has been in the scene for 7 years learning more about production and honing his skills to perfect his sound. He likes experimenting with his style and often does other forms of electronic music. He released his latest track "One Time" Under Kiffen Beats on May 27, 2020. His Latest track "One Time" is the result of Maddeof's transition into the niche genre of lofi house, dabbling around with soothing chord progressions & crispy drum breaks to create an all around groovy experience for the listener.

Honeysuckle Weekends - Ahir Bhairav

Honeysuckle Weekends is a Pune based contemporary classical duo formed in 2020 by producer Vaibhav Kulkarni and Composer, vocalists Apurva Kulkarni. The duo has released 6 Indian Classical fusion tracks till now under their project - 'Art That Remains' and has been recognized for its beautiful and modern age Indian sound. Ahir Bhairav being a morning raga gives out pathos as an emotion with a tinge of love in it. It exposes darker realities of life, tells stories of pathos and healing power of love through the infectious, alternative rock! The track has gained very good response on the first day itself. It also got featured on one of the popular Indian classical playlists on Spotify - Raga Rocks.

NAGU MUSIC - Foes United Cannot Kill Feminism. (F.U.C.K Feminism)

NAGU MUSIC is an initiative from Pune where the artist wants to spread awareness on how there is a gap between the male and female world. He wants to state how people bash and shun down feminism as it as horrible trait where as its all about humans living as equal. His latest track speaks about how the misogyny cant kill feminism and people will treat women just as well as the treat men in the society. He also has taken an Oath to donate all the funds made by this track to a Women Welfare Organization.

Offbeat India - INSAAF

OffBeat-India is a rock band, formed by a couple of like minded musicians back in mid 2014. They started young, thus they’ve learned and grown together as one whole team of dynamic musicians. From playing at lounges to playing at music festivals, they’ve come a long way. Their taste in music is a systematic mess, from ambient acoustic music to heavy metal, and the music they make is a blend of everything, which you will surely concede after listening to some of it. The song speaks volumes about the condition of our society, of how the disgraceful acts of torture, misconduct and abuse take place every day and still go unnoticed or unreported because of the fear of humiliation.Not a lot of people actually talk about this but are we really delivering justice to the victims in time or are we delivering any justice at all?


Yugandhar Nagdeve is from a small town called Akola. He started his music journey after his 10th grade during summer vacation when he first held a guitar in his hands and he knew at that moment what he wanted to do the rest of his life. He started writing his own songs very shortly but it was only when he moved to Pune that he started doing small gigs in pubs and after graduating from college with loads of experiences and ups and downs, he started producing his own songs. "Faasla" is an ode to long distance relationships. It's about the challenges faced when you physically stay away from someone you love and how that distance slowly takes a toll on the relationship. Long distance relationships sustain on dreams and promises made with that special someone but eventually they loose the battle with distance. This track is about reminiscing those beautiful moments and moving on.

Ragasuram - Raanjhana

Aryaman is the person behind the project - Ragasuram, who is from Faridabad (Haryana), He has been making music since 2014 after being blown away by his experience of watching a live-set played by Skrillex infront of a thousand people, he felt his calling towards Electronic Music Production. "Raanjhana" Ragasuram remix is a house track, what is unique about this remix is that he didn't let go of the original song's authentic and Indian traditional vibe. It consists of all the Indian percussive elements with club banging beat, perfect for setting the club on fire.

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