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Savaal Pushplay 11

Pranav Nigam & Divya S Iyer - 'Moving On'

A delightful duo hailing from Delhi and Mumbai, Pranav Nigam and Divya S Iyer are alumni of Dr. A.R. Rahman's KM Music Conservatory, Chennai. Pranav, a charismatic music producer for a few years now has had public premieres of his classical compositions in both Chennai and London while Divya, a talented pop singer, is trained in opera and jazz and has showcased her flair for music through performing at major events in Mumbai and Chennai.

The duo's latest track "Moving On" is a track rich with unique musical textures and infused with multiple layers of guitar and sealed complete with a harmonious rendition of vocal mastery. As the title of the song suggests, the track explores the bittersweetness of endings and difficulties that one may encounter in life and is reflected in its open-ended lyrics that are free for personal interpretation.

We eagerly look forward to the duo's future projects and do not doubt their passion and creativity for music.

Sadakchaap- 'Manchale'

A dynamic group consisting of members Amrit Rai, Bhudhaditya Deb, Karan Aherewal, and Harmesh Pillay, Sadakchaap is an energetic band. The group's journey began when Amrit, a vocalist, and Budhaitya, a guitarist met on the streets of Pune and realized that their thirst for originality and genuine composition is a shared passion and decided to join hands and bring in other members to embark with them. That is how Karan, a bassist, and Abhay, a drummer were introduced to the group. Harmesh aka Hemu joined the group after Abhay decided to move on and the four have been a steadfast group ever since.

"Manchale', their latest release, explores the group's grit to carry forward the legacy of their chosen music genre that is difficult to sustain in India and is nevertheless, the means to their destination. The bridge of the song is an ode to riding out the hard times together and is packed with an energetic mix of instrumentals and powerful vocals. Fittingly, the song was written during the lockdown which proved to test the collective need for togetherness and strength.

We are extremely excited about the group's future projects and wish them the very best of luck.


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