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Savaal Pushplay 14

Manchild – Aarpaattam

Today we have Sachin Rajeev, a singer-songwriter from Kochi, Kerala. He has been experimenting with the Indian sounds of Hindustani and Carnatic music with western electronic and acoustic sounds through his music project ‘Manchild.’

His latest song ‘Aapaattam,’ talks about pursuing one’s aspirations without paying attention to society’s judgments thereby breaking free from the darkness within. Released on September 23, it is made in a mixture of three languages – English, Tamil, and Malayalam. The multi-lingual song is produced by MHR and has Shyam KP on the electric guitar. It was mixed and mastered by Arun K Ramachandran.

Mocaine – Arizona

A project led by Amrit, Mocaine comprises some of the finest session musicians in the indie circuit. In their first year (2018), Mocaine played across five cities and released a 5 song EP along with a video album, ‘Portrait of Dali.’ Their single ‘Lonely Maggot’ released on January 2019 was selected as one of the top 24 musicians in India by A R Rahman. Later, a version of the same was re-released under A R Rahman’s mentorship in January 2020.

‘Arizona’ is their first single from their upcoming concept album, the sequel to their debut concept album, ‘The Birth of Billy Munro.’ The song talks about a pivotal moment in the life of Jonah Stone, the hero of their story. Each verse of ‘Arizona’ addresses a different decade in the life of Jonah Stone, a man wrongly convicted of murder, and then set free two decades later. It is also their introduction to Delilah, a character in the novel that accompanies the album.

The song is the third part of this story.

The second album and the book are expected to be released towards the end of 2022.

RayJew – Snow Angel

Arnav Raju aka RayJew, an artist from Vishakapatnam has been making music for about 2 years now. He has released many songs and albums including ‘Compilation,’ ‘Euphoria,’ and ‘Perspective.’

Released on October 1st, his latest song ‘Snow Angel’ talks about the life of an artist trying to make it into the big leagues, all while doing your best to still tick off mundane tasks and paying your rent.


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