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Deeksha Gautam - Sabko Pata Hai

Deeksha Gautam, a talented singer, songwriter, and musician hailing from New Delhi, has reached a significant milestone in her musical journey. With three years of dedication to her craft, Deeksha has now released her first single, 'Sabko Pata Hai,' from her much-anticipated debut album 'Dil Lagi.' The track, which became available on all major streaming platforms on 6th July 2023, has already been capturing hearts and attention.

'Sabko Pata Hai' carries a heartfelt message as Deeksha's soulful vocals and touching lyrics beautifully convey her emotions. The music video, filmed and edited in the enchanting landscapes of Lahaul, Spiti, serves as a perfect backdrop for the song's sentiment. The track expresses a profound love for someone special, as Deeksha openly shares her affection and admiration through her artistry. With her musical talent and heartfelt expression, Deeksha Gautam is undoubtedly a rising star in the music industry, and her debut single is a testament to her promising future as an independent artist.

Zikrr The Band - Zikrr Tera ( Album )

Introducing the latest musical sensation that is set to captivate audiences worldwide - "Zikrr," the pioneers of Hindi Rock for over a decade. With their new album, aptly titled "Zikrr Tera," the band has created an unforgettable musical journey that promises to leave a lasting impression. Known for their love for music and boundless energy, Zikrr has been rocking stages across the globe, earning them the prestigious Music Extraordinaire Award by the Times Group. Now, with their maiden album, they aim to make a powerful statement that resonates with fans old and new. The album is a beautiful blend of Zikrr's diverse identity, infusing various genres while infusing their music with both divinity and groove. Each song in "Zikrr Tera" represents a significant phase in the band's remarkable journey, from early inspirations to self-realization, culminating in the realization of their dream to present their original music to the world.

One standout track from the album that has already garnered immense attention is "Boondon Ko." The song not only celebrates the beauty of rain but also delves into the deeper theme of letting go of life's burdens and allowing tears to flow freely. The poignant lyrics speak of the atmosphere we create in our minds, holding onto painful and negative aspects of life, which eventually corrode our happiness and well-being. Through the power of music and heartfelt emotions, Zikrr encourages listeners to release these pent-up emotions and embrace the transformative magic of their music. With "Boondon Ko" as a testament to their artistic prowess, Zikrr has proven once again why they are the undisputed masters of Hindi Rock, and their album "Zikrr Tera" promises to be a must-listen experience for all music enthusiasts.


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