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Savaal Pushplay 7

MAANO - Akhri Tak

Today we look at Ghaziabad based hip hop artist rapper Manoj Pawar who goes by the moniker Maano. Not only is he a rapper who is taking the audience by storm, he is also an assistant sub inspector at CISF. Known for his record "Black Sheep" which was released in 2021, his story began when he on duty one night bored and tired. To pass the time, he wrote a few poems on a napkin and showed them to his fellow employees. They encouraged him to sing the poems. That soon developed into rapping and the rest is history. This year, he got signed to FADN Entertainment to take his music to the next level.

His latest release, Akhri Tak speaks of the struggle and hypocrisy artists face along with a message that people need to put in the hard work even when there is no immediate reward. "It is about staying true to your passion and profession" MAANO says. "This song portrays the ongoing battle between people who want to succeed, and those who tell them that they cannot. They should put an effort until the end no matter what people say or even when there is no immediate result", he adds.

This song is also a story of a man with low self-confidence and an introverted personality. He attempts to gain respect by mocking people around him and follows his passion for serving his country.

vinayvvs - Magnet

vinayvvs is a rappper and a hip hop artist from Mumbai. He moved to Poland when he was 5 and stayed there till the age of 15. When in Poland, he discovered the hiphop music in his neighbourhood at the age of 13 and soon learnt about the Bombay Rap scene emerging with artists like DIVINE and the Gully Gang Movement. So far he has dropped two mixtapes along with alot of singles with much more in store.

His latest single Magnet, is an upbeat song that is meant to instantly boost the listener's dopamine and adrenaline. He tells us "Like a song you would hear in a gym, nightclub or a house party. A trap-centric instrumental, playful lyrics, catchy melodies and a unique cadence sums up this song. Magnet would certainly be great for parties of any sort." "The uncomplicated nature of the song allows the listener to simply enjoy it without spending hours decoding the lyrics" he adds.

Prashant The Rapper - Haar Chahiye

Rajpur, Chhattisgarh based Prashant the Rapper is an artist who is making it big in the local scene. He made his first debut as an artist in 2017 with his single titled Mard since then he released many singles, collaborations, and 2 E.P "Habb" and "Love Laugh Hustle" which got much appreciation.

His latest release "Haar Chahiye" is a very unique and beautiful love song of two love birds in which the girl depicts his emotion of love to her partner that she doesn't want any expensive necklace, bungalow, money, and car which is mostly offered in today's generation between couples. The only thing the girl wants is his priceless love, affection, and time.


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