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6 Eye Catching Album Arts of 2020 ( So Far )

1. Fox in the garden - Sunny Boy

The retro laid back summer vibe perfectly sums up the album where the songs talk bout desire, dreams, love friendship and loss.

2. Yashraj - Azaad Hu Mein

Yashrajs album cover describes his latest album Azaad Hu Mein, which includes three heart-wrenching tracks, Azaad Hu Mein, Sote Raho and Badlenge Kaise?

The album art reflects the EP 's theme which is about overcoming internal problems , in order to combat the world in any given situation.

3. Protocol - Friars Lantern

This dark abstract album art beautifully portrays the albums theme about soul searching and self discovery.

4. Thermal And A Quater - A World Gone Mad

This very ferocious calamitous album art gives full justice to their new Album A World gone mad.

5. Toymob - Khor

“I did not write this EP with the intention of ‘easy listening’. For me it’s a raw wound and a feeling of nausea” - Toymob

Doesnt the artwork say it all?

6. Kohra - akhõ

Indian electronic muscian Kohras latest track 'akhõ' is Inspired by a seventeenth century Gujarati poet of the same name, ‘akhõ’.

The artwork gives a fresh twist of sci-fi and Indian classical to the electro album.


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