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9 Indian Metal Bands that Played Wacken

Lets admit it, Wacken is the biggest, baddest and meanest Metal Festival out there and is a dream for every Metal Band to play there live. While many bands haven't been able to live that dream yet , here are some bands from India, that did!

1 .Eccentric Pendulum (2011)

Eccentric Pendulum is a Bangalore Based band that happens to be the First Indian Metal Band to play at Wacken back in 2011. Formed in Octorber 2008, they are a progressive metal band who won the Indian leg of the Wacken Battle and became the first Indian band to take play in the Wacken Metal Battle 2011 at the Wacken Open Air, Germany.

Here is their performance of Sepia Drown at Wacken Open Air in 2011

2. Zygnema (2012)

Zygnema the four piece Heavy/Thrash Groove Metal band from Mumbai were the second band to represent India on the World Stage of Wacken Open Air in 2012. Zygnema, won the 2012 Wacken Metal Battle, performing at WOA in the same year.

Zygnema playing Theory of Lies and Negation, Live at Wacken 2012

3. Devoid (2013)

Third up was Devoid from Mumbai who play Thrash/Death Metal who took to the stage of Wacken in 2013. We also happened to find a video where the vocalist speaks of his experience of the event and their journey

Here is the Video of them sharing their experience

4. Plague Throat (2014)

Plague throat from Shillong is a Death Metal band that was formed in 2006. They were the winners of the fourth Wacken Metal Battle and were the fourth band to show how brutal Indian Metal gets.

Plague Throat playing Dominion Breach, Live at Wacken 2014

5. Demonic Resurrection (2014)

Demonic Resurrection from Mumbai is infamous in the Indian Metal Scene and Its not surprising that they played Wacken. The Symphonic Death Metal band formed in the year 2000 took the big stage in 2014.

Demonic Resurrection Live at Wacken 2014

6. Sycorax (2015)

Sycorax is a Death Metal band from Darjeeling that was formed in 2011. They took the stage of Wacken Open Air in the year 2015.

Sycorax - Psychotic Path Live at Wacken Open Air 2015

7. Kryptos (2013 & 2017)

Kryptos is an old school Heavy Metal band from Bangalore founded in 1998. They have been active and touring ever since and have played at Wacken not once but twice in 2013 and 2017.

Kryptos performing One Shot To Kill, Live at Wacken Open Air 2017

8. Godless (2018)

Godless from Hyderabad is a Death Metal band formed in 2015. Godless made their international debut at Wacken Open Air, representing India in 2018 on the big stage.

9. Bloodywood (2019)

Bloodywood is a metal band from New Delhi known for fusing Indian folk instruments and bollywood music with metal to devastating effect. Bloodywood was the last Indian band to take the stage of Wacken in 2019, because WOA 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Bloodywood Performing Ari Ari, Live at Wacken Open Air 2019

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