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A festival of Rhythms : Indian Music Experience Museum and Manchester Museum announce RhythmXchange

The Manchester Museum in the UK and the Indian Music Experience Museum (IME) in Bangalore, India are joining hands for a music festival titled ‘RhythmXchange’ that is to be held both in the UK as well as India. This collaborative project seeks to explore rhythm as a shared language between East and West. It also aims to understand the relationship between music traditions across borders. The music festival in India is to be held from 25th – 27th November at IME. The festival in the UK, however, is from 17th – 19th March 2023. While creating unique experiences, they also aim to create a collaborative cross-cultural artistic outcome.

RhythmXchange selected two artists from India, including keyboardist-composer Ashwin Mandoth (part of rock band Manga) and Carnatic vocalist Aditi B. Prahalad. These artists were Joined by Manchester-based violinist-composer Vinthya Perinpanathan and Punjabi-British vocalist-songwriter Joash Gill.

This partnership between IME and the Manchester Museum is funded by the British Council’s India/UK Together Season of Cultural Heritage programmes. Four talented young musicians from both the UK and India have been selected to take part in this artistic development programme. Starting this autumn, a percussion-based art project will be launched where each of these musicians will be trained by two mentors from India and the UK. This mentoring programme culminates in international performances of their collaborative piece led by youth at two on-site festivals at Manchester Museum as well as IME.

Opened in 1890, Manchester Museum is one of the UK’s largest museums with a collection of about 4.5 million objects. With a vision to build understanding between cultures and a more sustainable world, the museum is a part of The University of Manchester. Indian Music Experience Museum, on the other hand, is India’s first interactive music museum with a vision to introduce the youth to the diversity of Indian Music. It also aims to preserve India’s rich musical heritage.

Skinder Bundal, MBE, and the Global Director of Arts at the British Council said: “This collaboration between the Indian Music Experience Museum and Manchester Museum – showcases Indian Carnatic music alongside beatboxing and konnakkol to explore rhythm as a shared language to engage young people and artists beyond borders to improve how we understand our cultures.”

If this sounds exciting, what are you waiting for then? Grab your tickets now!

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