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A freshman hunger to conquer the world of music: Yoosh's latest release 'Fervor Freeverse'

Piyush Pandey Aka Yoosh is a 25-year-old artist who has always had a knack for storytelling and songwriting. Born and raised in Delhi and currently based in Thane, the artist has had a creative outburst in the form of poetry and skits since 2019 and has recently begun recording his pieces more dedicatedly. Since 2021, he's been very interested in the field of production and has been picking up skills ever since.

"Fervor Freeverse", his first single from his EP, was released on 14th October (with a plan to release the EP in November). Produced by Delhi's versatile music producer/songwriter Sarcastically Kumar, the track is an ode to the artist's freshman experience in the music industry and his unquenchable desire to be the best of the best. The artist says that he wasn't sure about putting out this EP as he's witnessed a lot of evolution in his understanding and passion for music and was going to drop a completely different piece of work. That was when a close friend of his stepped in and insisted that the EP has a collection of beautifully recorded songs that reflect the artist's hard work and deserve to be shared with the world, especially as an ode to his fresh entry into the industry. It took him about a month to record those songs back then.

Defining his story as unpredictable, Piyush is a force to reckon with. He's eager to collaborate with various artists and has been blessed to work with some of his favorite producers in the hip-hop scene such as Sarcastically Kumar, Vedang, and BBonthebeat as well as veterans from his hometown and he awaits the releases of those projects. "Grab a space shuttle and stay subtle" is his mantra and we cannot wait for all that is in store for this wonderful artist, we wish him the best of luck.

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