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A fun and honest reflection of a boyfriend's shortcomings: IIRIN's latest release 'Before Its Time'

26-year-old IIRIN is a multifaceted and talented musician born in Serampore and currently shuttling between Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore collaborating with various artists. The young musician, an artist in the making, says that his story is still being written and always evolving alongside him. Although he had the keen belief that the conventional 9-5 lifestyle isn't meant for him, the people and mindset around him didn't make it easier for him to listen to that voice within him that knew he was meant for greater things. Music gave him a sense of identity, a strong sense of power, and a lease for self-confidence and trust. Almost as if the universe conspired in his favor, the artist stared in sheer awe at Nucleya and Kailash Kher at a concert where he pulled himself to get closure from his ex. Everything seemed to click in place and make sense at that moment and IIRIN went on to complete his degree and start modeling so he could finally start following his long-cherished dream in the world of music.

His latest track 'Before Its Time' was released on the 30th of September this year and is a chill, pop, lo-fi hip-hop, and indie genre-based song. Written and produced from a boyfriend's perspective, realizing and learning from his mistakes, the track is a fusion of banging 808s and soothing vocals that hit the right spot. The title of the track is an interesting metaphor for how the track originally got shelved for a while due to the creator's block and could only be put to work when it was the right time. With the help of an epiphany from Mr. Kat Jr that wrote the hook of the track and the enthusiasm of Raqeeb the Band's lead vocalist Rahul, the song has taken almost three years in total to make its appearance on the artist's track record. It was mostly recorded in Serampore and Bangalore, the artwork was made by IIRIN himself and is available on both YouTube and Spotify.

"I feel like my hands and my brain ads on autopilot and it's a state of being I can't even explain, almost as if I'm meditating!", says the artist whose music is inspired by several genres yet is born from the artist's creative expression and passion. He is a Lil Wayne fanboy at heart though and loves spending long hours writing and producing his music. He enjoys working during the night as he claims his emotional and creative powers unleash themselves the strongest when the moon is out and wakes up the musical beast within him.

He eagerly looks forward to collaborating with artists such as Bohemia, DIVINE, Imran Khan, Kailash Kher, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey, and so many other stellar artists and we are in no doubt that this remarkable musician will make his visions come true. We wish him the very best of luck and look forward to his future projects.

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