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A hopeful track for a hopeful future: the Leo Boys' latest track 'Hope'

Hailing from Shilong, Leo Boys consisting of 25-year-old members Soumyadeep Dasgupta and Sagnik Choudhury is a duo who are recording artists at Urban Challa Music (UCM). Going by stage names Hulky boyy and El Deepo respectively, Sagnik is the A&R of UCM while Soumyadeep is the marketing head of UCM and its upcoming clothing and artist merch line brand called B.East Clothing.

This duo's musical journey began in 2012 when the two were in the ninth grade and presented their first rap piece at the CALM festival in Shillong. Their first single, called 'Higher State of Mind' was recorded on their phone and ended up landing in the top 10 rankings in reverbnation back then. This got them thinking if a simple phone recording was such a hit, then they could have a huge impact with a professional recording. The duo came up with their first studio single 'Secrets' a few years later, which officially signaled their beginning as professional rappers in the industry.

Their most recent release 'Hope' is a hip-hop track whose meaning is open to subjective interpretation. It was released on the 31st of August this year. At its core, it's an intuitive feeling that we all have even when situations are difficult, and an assurance that this too shall pass eventually. It's a bridge, a call from the soul that urges us to look at the vastness of life and who we are deep within. To the Leo Boys, it is a message that there is a better world to hope for and the preservation of humanity.

The artists were very well prepared with the lyrics that carried with them a true expression of the soul, which made the recording process easy and took just an hour to complete at Mix and Flow studio in Shillong. The duo holds J Cole, Joey Badass, Jay Z, and Notorious dear as inspirations. The artwork for the track was made by Dev Mohanty.

Reflecting their true dedication to their art, the duo's favorite quote is "Hard work pays off and dreams come true, bad times don't last but bad guys do." They hope to collaborate with Vishal Dadlani and J. Cole, Joyner Lucas internationally. There is no doubt that the Leo Boys will achieve great heights and we wish them the best of luck.

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