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A love that lasts forever: Nitya Saini's latest release 'Eternal'

Nitya Saini is a robust 20-year-old artist from Bangalore who has been enthusiastic about music right from the young age of 6 and professionally entered the music scene at the age of 14. Almost god gifted, the young artist is said to have begun singing as early as when she first started to talk as a baby and was introduced to Hindustani vocals at the age of seven. Her artistic range is commendable with her talent for dance, songwriting and instruments as well.

Her latest track 'Eternal' was released on the 7th of October this year and is a mix of pop and RnB style of music. It is inspired by the artist's own experience with love and talks about the unconditional love that she has towards a special person that hasn't faded away despite losing it as a result of unforeseen circumstances, hence the meaningful title. The melody starts with the pop style mirroring the joy and excitement that came with the beginning of the relationship and switches to a more solemn RnB rhythm that reflects the nostalgia and sweet pain that she experiences as a conclusion to her love.

It took Nitya about a day to come up with the lyrics while the recording process took up to two weeks. The artwork is her brainchild that was beautifully executed by her friends Paul and Azhar.

"You get what you give" is this artist's favorite quote and is suitably symbolic of the love that she's unconditionally expressed and will get back multifold in some way or the other. Strong and wise, Nitya is an artist who incorporates her own touch with her music and takes inspiration from diverse musicians including Shankar Mahadevan and Ariana Grande with whom she hopes to collaborate in the future. We cannot wait to see all the success that she has ahead of her and we wish her the best of luck.

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