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A paradoxical journey of life in motion: Raxxtar's latest release 'Afsos'

Born in Bokaro and a wandering nomad ever since, Rakshat, better known by his stage name Raxxtar is a musician in the making. The 27-year-old artist has come a long way since his school days with minimal background in music. During the pandemic, the extended periods of spare time allowed him to start learning how to use DAWs and experimenting with different music styles. Traveling opened up a whole new range of perspectives that the artist incorporates into his music.

His latest track 'Afsos' was released on the 10th of September this year and is a by-product of his nomadic adventures this last year. The trajectory of the song traces the life and experiences of a nomadic traveler who embraces what the journey has to offer with a sense of detachment. The ambient, synth-wave, and post-rock melody captures the conflict he faces between his detachment and paradoxical entanglement with people and situations that slow him down in his pursuit. It propels him to explore and grow further and his life becomes a reflection of his need for change and evolution.

The artist says that the lyrics came naturally to him while on the roads of Meghalaya and the recording process took a month. He has been inspired and influenced by the work of AR Rahman and the track seeks to reflect it. The artwork for the track was made by Raxxtar himself using photoshop.

"Every man has two lives. The second one starts when he realizes, he has only one", is this artist's favorite quote. Despite not being able to commit to his passion daily owing to his work schedule, the artist makes ample time on the weekends and immerses himself in the creative process for his music. He looks forward to collaborating with Charlie Puth and Ritviz in the future and we are positive that his aspirations will come to fruition one day, and we wish him the best of luck.

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