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A prayer to God : This.Is.Gabriel’s latest song ‘What am I’

Gabriel Charles Gonepogu, our artist for today, is someone who believes that “Nobody ever lived without being hated, but nobody ever died without being loved.” A singer-songwriter and rapper from Andhra Pradesh, Gabriel is currently studying medicine in Mysore. However, he hopes to relocate to Bengaluru soon. The 22-year-old artist who became a musician in 2021 defines his story as ‘therapy’ in a word. With NF, Eminem, Lauv, and Lecrae as some of his influences as an artist, his goal is to keep making music that can be listened to by all, with relatable lyrics that everyone can resonate with.

When asked to share his story, he said, “My parents wanted me to be a doctor but I wanted something else in life. Things got so bad that I tried to end things in a bad way. Thankfully I didn’t.” Through all this, Gabriel had music with him and he hopes to be that person whose music can help someone through tough times.

‘What Am I,’ his latest song is a hip-hop track with a bumpy bass and hardcore beats. It is a prayer to god from the perspective of a man who has lost his purpose and is wondering why he’s still alive and is going through everything that he is now.

Released on the 19th of August, the song took about 5 days for the artist to finish. When asked about a fun story from the whole process, he said “When my friends heard it, they couldn’t believe that it was actually me because I’m usually so carefree but I was so serious on the track.” ‘What Am I’ was recorded at Endurance Studios in Mysore.

The artist hopes to collaborate with artists like Armaan Malik, Arjun Kanungo, and Lauv in the future. We at Savaal wish him good luck.

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