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A safety net amongst pessimism : Zachary Ray’s latest song ‘Danger ft. Siddharth Basrur’

Born in Boston, USA, Zachary Ray developed a passion for music at a very young age. The 35-year-old artist’s passion for music led him to study vocal performance and music business at the prestigious Berkeley College Of Music. Currently based in Mumbai, he sees music as a tool that can be used to bring transformation and healing to people around the world.

Ray has been teaching and training aspiring musicians for about 12 years now. He teaches at the Calcutta School of Music and has his own company ‘Chaitown Creatives’ founded in 2015 to teach and train young musicians and vocalists. He has been featured on various media platforms like The Telegraph, Voyage ATL, and Vogue. Along with this, the artist has worked with producers like Brandon Bee, who has produced music for artists like Justin Bieber, and Nathan Walters, a Billboard charting producer.

‘Danger,’ his latest release in collaboration with Indian vocalist, composer, and playback singer Siddharth Basrur has been creating noise all around. Basrur is the frontman of Mumbai’s progressive metal band ‘Goddess Gagged.’ Additionally, he has worked in the Bollywood industry and has contributed to popular movies such as ‘Haunted3D’ and ‘Players.’

Released on the 26th of August, this pop rock song is about our current state in the world with its negativity and talks about war and pandemics. “We all have that someone in our life we can look at who immediately brings a sense of calm to a person that we can cling to in terms of Danger,” said Ray when we asked him to talk about the track. ‘Danger’ captures the emotions one would feel when seeing the one that makes them feel safe with the dream-like aura it creates while keeping it catchy. It was a two-month project. Ray recorded his part in Seattle, Washington. Basrur, however, recorded his bit of vocals in Mumbai.

What’s next for this talented artist, you ask? He told us that there’s a remixed version of ‘Danger’ in collaboration with Jeanne Merchant and another song collaboration with Shreya Bhattacharya in the making. It is to be released sometime this September and we cannot wait.

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