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A story in the form of a song, Doori is Arya Salvi's touching ballad about his lover moving away

Arya Salvi from Aurangabad has been connected to the music scene since a young age. His father has always loved music and can be often found singing around the house, this is what got Arya into the art. From a young age, he started singing and learning to play the drums.

It wasn't long before he started learning the art of audio engineering. In the 8th grade, he did his first live mix for his father's friend's gig. This is where he understood his passion and went on to do many live mixes for local artists and functions. He took this endeavor further by starting his own Pro Audio Company in 2018 named, AVS Audio Tech. The company lent its services for more than 300 events and installation fixtures in his city.

Arya's first band was called OffBeat - India in 2013 and the band featured on radio, television, and played more than 400 gigs. In 2021, after releasing their debut single, Insaaf, he parted ways with the band and started working on himself as an artist.

His latest track Doori depicts the story of a guy whose lover is moving to another place. In this track he sings about his thoughts while he drives her to the airport. He also expresses how the distance between them doesn't change the fact that their souls will always be connected to each other.

Arya keeps this song close to his heart as he wrote it for his girlfriend who moved to Boston, USA to study for her master's. This song is a cute ballad where Arya confesses his emotions and the track took close to a week to lock the melody and lyrics. The production and mixing took a month to finish.

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