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A strong reverberance of existing doom: Preetam S.P aka Bright's latest release 'UDO'

Preetam S.P, more popularly known as Bright, is a multi-talented and brilliant musician who has been traversing his music journey ever since he was a little kid. Born in Aurangabad and raised in Mysuru, the 30-year-old artist is currently based in Barcelona where he's pursuing his Master's program. Growing up in an environment immersed in iconic Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys and vintage movie cassettes, the artist gets his flair from a family passionate about music. Exploring the marvelous lengths and breadths of music styles from Hindustani, to high tempo, to heavy metal and diverse instrumentals, Preetam has a deep affiliation with the variety and scope of every kind of music there is. One of the founding members and front man of Black Metal band "ANTI", the artist began performing in a band setting in 2010 and his journey has bloomed ever since.

His latest album 'UDO' was released on the 23rd of September this year that serves as a strong commentary on the pitfalls and misgivings of humanity. Available through Sweden based music distributor 'Amuse', the album is Bright's first big project since "Luminescent Being" in 2020. The title is an interesting abbreviation that expands to 'Ultra Dysfunctional Offsprings' and captures the essence of the album in a crisp and clear manner. It traces the arduous journey of a misfit growing up in a society that forces one to fall within its conventional restraints and is still flexible so that it remains open to the uniqueness of the listener's interpretation. Whether it's mental health issues, modern day socio-cultural politics or tight labels- the album has a place for everyone. It incorporates the styles of heavy metal, thrash metal and death metal in a powerful fusion of imagery and audio. It took two full years to record the tracks on the album partly in Mysuru and partly in Barcelona using FL Studio and his Focusrite Scarlett interface. The stunning artwork was made by the artist's little brother Pranav S.P.

"Every track I've ever written and composed has a story behind it", says the fiery artist who enforces the beauty of instrumental music that allows the listener to choose what they want it to mean to them. Effectively incorporating the inevitable circle of life and death in his music, the artist believes that it doesn't matter how he's remembered, just that he is- as Machine Gun Kelly quotes. He looks forward to collaborating with Keshav Dhar and Marty Friedman in the future and we're stoked about his upcoming projects. We believe that Bright is a force to reckon with and wish him the best of luck on his path to success and fulfillment.

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