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A traditional South Indian Banquet: Rakuuth’s latest folktronica EP ‘Sadhya’

An artist who believes that “Hope renders dreams,” DJ/Producer Anurag was drawn to loud music since he was 4 years old. Born in Kerala, the artist mostly had punk rock, nu-metal, and hip hop playing on his MP3 player back in the day. His drive to focus on the creative side of music, however, sprung in 2014 when he started listening to a lot of underground dance music. The 25-year-old artist’s biggest influence is Linkin Park. Currently based in Bangalore, he has his musical project called ‘Rakuuth’ which is slowly carving its niche in the industry.

His latest EP ‘Sadhya’ is like a traditional South Indian banquet - a feast of culturally and sonically rich music. The folktronica EP is inspired by traditional South Indian sounds and contemporary electronic music. From the experimental bass sounds with ‘idakka’ elements on the song ‘Puzhakara’ to the vinyl scratch sounds mashed up with heavy ‘kuthu’ drums on ‘Rasam N Rhymes,’ ‘Sadhya’ offers a very distinctive experience to its listeners.

Released on the 8th of September, the EP consists of five tracks. It includes two singles ‘Akale,’ a soulfully melodious track featuring Chennai-based indie artist Anza Prem, and ‘Rasam N Rhymes,’ a high-octane rap song with catchy bars by one of the rising sensations in the Kerala Hip Hop circuit, Aditi Rap Kid India. A mix of Folkatronica, South Indian Garage, and Experimental music, it took a year for Rakuuth to finish the EP. It was recorded at his small home studio setup just the way he likes it – with his laptop and headphones.

‘Sadhya’ was produced by Rakuuth with a vision to merge different genres that are rooted in his culture and upbringing. He is now all set to appeal to a wide demographic through culturally rich and dynamic projects featuring multiple underground and mainstream artists. We at Savaal wish him good luck.

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