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‘Aa Jao Naa’ by Prateek Sarkar, Pritam Senapati, and Apurva Kedia : Melancholy with a ray of hope

Born in Kolkata, Prateek Sarkar is a music composer and producer based in Mumbai. His relationship with music began with Rabindra Sangeet and keyboard when he was a 9-year-old in Shillong. The artist has done his foundation course in Western Classical and Music Theory at KM Music Conservatory, Chennai. He has also done a diploma in sound engineering and music production from the Audio Guys Institute in Mumbai. Also trained in Jazz and Rock, Sarkar’s passion lies in music production, composing, and film scoring.

The 22-year-old artist’s sound is influenced by New Age Pop, Bollywood, K ballads, Future bass, orchestral, and experimental Koan sound. The artist who takes inspiration from Arman Malik released his debut original ‘Intezaar’ from Merchant Records. He also specializes in new-age pop, ballad, and orchestral genres.

Pritam Senapati, who has also worked on this song is a singer and music producer. He is currently assisting the music composer Meghdeep Bose. The other artist in this song is Apurva Kedia, a singer-songwriter, music producer, and dancer. She enjoys reading and writing poetry and lyrics while being an amazing storyteller.

‘Aa Jao Na,’ their latest track is a pop ballad inspired by the Indian film pop genre. Released on the 24th of November, it was composed by Prateek, with Pritam on the vocals and Apurva on the lyrics of the song. It tells the tale of two people falling in love but not together. Capturing the longing emotions of a man needing to be with his lover despite past traumas, the song gives everything an Indian music listener would want.

The song, being the perfect blend of the classical romantic and emotional feel took about 3 months to make. A beautiful culmination of melancholy and hope, it was produced and composed at Prateek’s studio. The recording of the vocals was done at Blue Cassette studio.

We wish them all the best of luck.

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