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Aaditiya Goswami | Artist Spotlight

Delhi-born guitarist and producer Aaditya Goswami enjoys his music in a multitude of genres and his music shows it. His influences range from progressive metal and jazz fusion to soul and lo-fi beats. Unashamed of the bedroom-guitarist title, Aaditya writes, records, and produces his music out of his bedroom in Gurgaon.

Voyager began with the riff in the chorus, which came to Aaditya while practising in his bedroom. Inspired by the journeys of the Voyager space-probes, he wanted to tackle the dichotomy of space exploration as he saw it, both endlessly confusing, and endlessly fascinating. He tried to build this contrast into the song, with certain parts that are sparse, distant, and disorienting, while others are in your face and all around you.

The song is divided into two distinct sections. 'Pt. 1: Discovery' describes the probes' journeys through our solar system, traversing unprecedented distances and making fascinating findings. 'Pt. 2: Out of Reach' (4:19) laments the day that the probes will no longer be able to communicate with us, lost to humanity but continuing on their journey.

With the exception of drums (Abhishek Raj Sinha) and backing vocals (Urvi Bhattacharya), Aaditiya recorded everything himself, and mixed the song too. He thought it be best mastered by Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor's Guitarist), one of his favourite producers in the Indian scene.

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