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  • Virendra Narain

"Aaj Kal" by Taran Singh Sethi is the Hindi Prog act we have always longed for.

Taran Singh Sethi is an Indie artist from a beautiful city of Dehradun. Usually leaning towards a "realistic" perspective, creating a unique essence to his lyrics, Taran tries to reflect his dynamic personality through his music just like the variety he listens to. Composing Progressive rock in Hindi and giving it a strong essence of his Indian roots.

Being trained in Table along with many Indian Influences and mentors that helped him form this powerful voice for the Emerging Indian Progressive Metal scene.

Taran has recently started releasing his music and his latest track is his second single which he had written 3 years ago. Aaj Kal is his second track that speaks of how most relationships are based on selfish needs. This track is a strong representation of what he has in his mind about how its difficult to find a selfless human in todays world. When we asked him about the story of the track he said "I wrote this song 3 years back and never did anything about it, hoping that things will get better in this world. Today though, I relate to it the most. The thought that frightens me is that 3 years down the line, I might relate to it even more. Maybe this could act as a wake up call." so this is a very personal track to Taran and we love how it has evolved into this since its inception 3 years ago.

The song is a Progressive Metal track where Taran has overlayed classical vocals over a slow intro and then takes on by adding elements to narrate a beautiful story that unfolds his emotions of the time. The song features Sarthak Uniyal as the lead guitarist and Abhinav Dhonsi on the drums. Having this line up for this song lead to them creating a robust and power track. Taran has also included one of his Shayaris in the track making a and ending with a statement.

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