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Aakash Rajan | Artist Spotlight

Aakash Rajan is a vocalist, percussionist, music composer/producer and an audio engineer, who comes from a city down south of India, called “Chennai”. He, not so surprisingly, has a strongly built foundation in Carnatic music! He’s trained in Carnatic vocals & Percussions; both for around 10 years. Now, he produces and plays Indie-Alternative/Pop music. He also turns into a songwriter or a poet, when the feelings hit the ceiling and he feels like turning to words for help. Most of his childhood was spent listening to Carnatic music and very little pop music, because of society. The habit of listening to different genres of music, with an open mind, honestly came in quite late, but caught up real quick! Starting off listening to modern rock bands & Indian film music.

The good taste in music developed after the first year of college, after getting hooked to Coldplay, 21 pilots, The Beatles, Queen & other such great artists/bands who strongly influenced him, with their writing & their sound. When high school hit, he started developing an interest in “what went behind the song!?” & started producing music, on Fruity loops and later on, moved on to Logic Pro X, a year later.

He’s also one half of the Pune-based musical duo, dusk&iris, that also produces & plays alternative/ Indie-pop music, with whom he released his debut full-length album, His Story of Solitude, in March 2020. He appreciates good art in a lot of other forms, such as films, photographs and doodling too. Finally, he is an artist, just because of the love for it and the pleasure it gives; also cause it’s the only skill set he has, to offer the world. “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer.” is the famous quote by Jim Carey that gives him the drive to do more to find solace within than outside. He also added that he would love to collaborate on a track with Maalavika Manoj (aka. Mali) from our country & The Passenger both of which he really appriciates and follows dearly.

He released his Album " Life is Fiction" on 25th August 2020. The album’s first song “Leave me alone” where he sings about the need to be left alone by societal thoughts to be by himself to make music and just be. This beautiful ballad was recorded in various bedrooms all over the country, Bedroom studios that is, and that gives the perfect indie vibe that we all enjoy with the rawness of his emotions translated into words.

The second song Before It’s Too Late” talks on the other hand, talks about the most important people in our lives. People who we know are there, but never really addressed or thanked them. We want to sit with them & make them feel important & cared, before it’s too late. “Life Is Fiction” talks about a new perspective to life; says that whatever happens in life, it’s all an illusion & you should not fall for it. Life puts forward hurdles just to test you. The solutions are either very simple or the problem’s too silly you’ve got better things to give your attention to

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