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Aakash Sansare wants to put your mind at ease with his new single 'Who Cares'

We all have some good times in our life and some bad. During the latter, many a times music is a major source of comfort. 25-year old Ahmednagar-based producer Aakash Sansare hopes to be one of the artists you picks you up from rock bottom with his bedroom Lo-Fi music. He makes his beats using the app GarageBand on his smartphone. He was intially a metal head but after discovering Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, he got really into the genre and wanted to produce similar music.

Aakash's new track, 'Who Cares' was released on March 9, 2021. It features a dialogue from the 1985 movie 'The Breakfast Club' set to Lo-Fi beats created by Aakash. He tells us that his motivation to make such songs is to comfort people who are struggling. This track was hidden in his iCloud library and was thought to be lost like many other track Aakash has made. It talks about the feeling that you don't matter and neither does your opinion. The music, however, is calm and melodic just like the rest of his tracks.

Aakash tells us that he always wanted to be an Indian army officer but failed at multiple attempts to clinch the olive green uniform. He now works at Budweiser during the day and makes music by night, with help from his younger brother Aadesh who also designed the artwork for this track. Their father is a government servant and because of this fact, Aakash has moved across the western region of India. He tells us this has taught him a lot of adapting and how life goes on, no matter what. His musical influences include other Lo-Fi artists like Kayou and Misery.

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