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Abie Ryan | Artist Spotlight

When you first hear Abie Ryan, there is a sense of an unassuming teenager who found his time with guitar charming enough to pen a few words. As his single, 'Pages', progresses, there is a charming depth to the lyrics that take the stage and your attention. The instrumentation on the single brings to life a eauty of the entire story he unravels through the song.

Inspired by artists such as Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters and Jacob Collier, Abie's production on the single lasted for about a month, from the writing to recording and mixing. Throughout the entire single, there is a certain ode paid to Jacob Collier, from the multi-instrumentalism to the shy, somewhat unassuming but gripping vocals. And the entire amalgamation of the track comes in its fullness towards the middle, where every instrument paves the way into an ecstatic form of 'letting go channelled by the verses and energised by the production.

Just 18-years-old, Abie has mostly found himself at the end of writing a love song. This time, he chose to steer clear of it and that gave 'Pages', a song about finding a way and not having regrets. About understanding that there are 'pages' that can't be undone. But you can still start a new one. All showing maturity in his production as well as penmanship.

Interestingly, Abie recorded, produced, and mixed the entire track in his bedroom with the equipment he had. His parents had bought his sister a digital piano when she finished 10th grade in school. Around this time, he started fiddling around with the keys and looked up piano tutorials on YouTube and started to learn by himself. He also picked a few other instruments and realised that this is where his destiny was. He's now studying Sound Engineering and Music Production at CMR University, Bangalore. With 'Pages' being the first song he's putting out there.

Abie's take on Pop music is a wonderful rendition of what Pop does best and can be: a melodious harmony of various instruments strung together with a pretty and bold tale.

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