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Aditya Alfaaz | Artist Spotlight

21-year old Aditya Kumar aka Aditya Alfaaz is a Hindi poet and songwriter from Lucknow who's currently based in Agra. He began writing poems two years ago and says that his family, namely his parents and uncle, inspired him to begin expressing his thoughts using the medium of poetry. His work is very calm and soothing in nature, and talks about love and life in countless ways. During the lockdown in 2020, he begun his journey into music after his loved ones encouraged him to do so.

His latest song, Tera Hona Zindagi, was released on November 20,2020. The song starts of with subtle guitar strums and follows with vocals by Ash Matthews, a singer he works with often, to bring his words to life. It also features some nice tabla beats in the second half. In this song, Aditya talks about how when we fall in love with a person, they become magical in everything do. He goes on say that love has brought him out of the dark many a times. In fact, he also points out the co-dependence formed in a relationship in the words, "Tera hona hi Khuda hai, Tera hona zindagi". Roughly translated, it talks about how life became all about the girl and how he draws meaning to life from her. The song was recorded and composed at SMG Studios in Lucknow, with production done by Nehal Sharma over the span of eight days.

In everything that Aditya does, he puts hope at the forefront. He says that music is what drives him and keeps him going. He tells us that blue is his favorite color, since it reminds him of how vast the open sky is and the feeling of limitlessness he associates with it. He says that he would love to work with the established artists in the Hindi music industry such as Arjit Singh and Sonu Nigam. He also loves English music by Shawn Mendes and Sam Smith.

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