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Afterlyf’s latest song ‘Tera Main’ inspired by his personal experiences

A record producer, DJ, and songwriter, Bhavik Kamble aka Afterlyf had an interest in music since his childhood. This interest further led him to pursue DJing and making music. Born in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, Afterlyf has his own unique style of making music that the audience can groove to. The 24-year-old artist who began his musical journey in 2017 has Lost Stories, Zaeden, Local Train, Memba, Ilenium, and The Chainsmokers as his artistic influences.

He was the first artist to perform at the Sunburn festival in his city. Afterlyf was also the first to get his song streamed across the globe. His first original pop track ‘Walking Away’ was streamed by listeners in countries beyond India like the US. The artist is well noted by the giants of the EDM scene like MKSHFT, Sartek, Project91 and many more. . The DJ/Songwriter has many bootlegs/remixes of popular songs. He has also performed in various festivals and gigs like Bollyboom, Fly High in Pune, Spooksville, Radio City, and Radio Orange. Some of his dream collaborations include Zaeden, Lost Stories, Ritviz, Nucleya, The Weekend, and Justin Bieber.

‘Tera Main,’ his latest single is a track written, composed and produced by the artist. Released on the 23rd of June, the song relates to his life experiences, therefore making it a track close to Afterlyf’s heart. The indie pop song took about a month for him to make and was fully recorded, mixed and mastered at his house.

The track also got an exclusive release on Radio Orange and found an overwhelming response on the official launch day at a renowned club in central India. The Hindi original track marks the artist’s beginning of his indie pop journey, and we are sure it will be only uphill from here.

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